The actual Black Dog….

Caesar was the Studio’s original namesake.  He joined me in 1979, a Black Lab 1½ years old and already speaking English. He accompanied me almost everywhere…. laundromat, supermarket, work (timber cruising and inspecting logging sites in those days).  He repeatedly received invitations to the beach when I still had to work.  Labs and water, go figure.  In 1990, Caesar had a stroke.  It slowed him down but didn’t stop him from participating in Portland’s Doggie Dash that year. He succumbed to his advancing years in 1994 at 16, leaving many people with very fond memories.

bo-and-nate Bo followed as the next  Black Dog, mostly Rottweiler, part Lab & Mastiff.  He was almost one year old when he joined the team in 1994.  He would have rather been a lap dog, but, at 80 lbs. it didn’t happen often.  He and his buddy Nate spent most of their days patrolling the perimeter of our six acres, keeping the deer, coyotes, and raccoons at bay.  Bo died from a blood cancer at 13 years old.


Buddy was the third Black Dog.  Another Pound Puppy, he was all Lab and worked hard with his friend Oz to continue the tradition of a dog-only property.  He suffered a spinal embolism at the ripe old age of 15 years.

The latest addition to the ‘company’ is a Rott-BodieLab named Bodie. He came up from a shelter in California, and has acclimated to the rain and country life well. As an only dog (no buddy for Bodie at this time), he keeps busy making sure the squirrels, chipmunks, and hawks mind their business.